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Inexpensive Bathroom Fixes: 4 Top Tips

Winter can be an ideal time to tackle some mid-range projects. These are things that aren’t the flashiest or most expensive renovations but can nonetheless add a great deal of value to the home. And the bathroom, perhaps the most important yet often neglected room in the house, can be the perfect place to start. Fortunately, there are a good number of easy, inexpensive improvements that you can do yourself.

Check out our top tips for cheap bathroom updates below.

Wake up the Walls

Start with the walls. Most of us don’t really think about updating the paint in the bathroom that often, but as it’s often the smallest room in the house, repainting can be relatively cheap and can help to brighten the room significantly and freshen up the feel of the space. Just make sure you use a semi-gloss paint, which is easier to clean and will help resist moisture.

Free the Floor

As with painting, redoing the flooring in your bathroom can be done without a huge investment, as the actual floor space is usually minimal. Even the best flooring materials, like porcelain or ceramic tile, can be purchased in smaller quantities on the cheap. And adding new flooring can dramatically change the texture and feel of the space.

Fix the Fixtures

While replacing the major elements of the bathroom might not be within your budget, a lot can be done by updating your fixtures. Replacing towel racks, drawer handles, taps and faucets, even if you can’t replace an entire sink or vanity, can give the space a more modern look. If your vanity is looking a bit shabby, you can repaint or refinish, and make a new piece from the old.

Toss the Throne

Most people tend to keep the same toilet for years, even decades, which can lead to eyesores. An older unit can be hugely inefficient as well, and like all things, they tend to break down with age. A brand-new unit can usually be purchased for as little as a hundred dollars, so why not make the investment to complete your budget bathroom upgrade?

Hire an Expert to Help With Your Bathroom Fixes

At Baeumler Approved, we boast an extensive nationwide network of home contractors for any budget. Hire the perfect expert for your inexpensive bathroom makeover today!