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Create a Functional Home Office Space

How to Create a Functional Home Office Space: Our Top Tips

Everyone who starts working at home soon realizes that the layout of their home office has a huge impact on their experience at work. Once you know you need to upgrade your space, your first stop will probably be Instagram or Pinterest. But keep in mind—it’s hard to translate pretty pictures into a strategic, functional home office layout. 

This guide will show you how to take great ideas and turn them into an organized, functional office space that suits your needs. 

1. Find & Define Your Space 

What kind of space are you working in? A home office can be a dedicated room, a corner in the kitchen, or a spot in your garage or shed. Defining the space as your office may mean you need to make it feel more private, protect it from sounds, or just rearrange the space to allow your desk and chair to be arranged ergonomically. 

Remember Peace & Quiet

Is the only possible place to put a desk right next to the kid’s play area or the busy kitchen? You may have a hard time concentrating on the work at hand if you’re constantly trying to hear yourself think over the noise of your kids shouting or someone using the electric mixer. If you don’t have any choice, make sure your office has a door. If you really can’t handle auditory distractions, consider installing soundproof insulation in the walls or investing in a white-noise machine.

A Comfortable Place to Work

If you’re a desk jockey, don’t cheap out on ill-suited furniture. You’ll regret paying less for that chair when it starts to give you back and neck pain. Remember that working at home doesn’t mean that you should skimp on the office necessities. Now’s your chance to invest in an ergonomic workstation, which has been proven to reduce office injury.

2. Consider Lighting and Colour 

Lighting and colour will define the “feel” of your space. Lightning can be natural or artificial. You may want to arrange your space to bring the most natural light to your desk as possible. Or, if concerned with glare or the additional heat direct sunlight can bring, you might prefer to add artificial lighting. Artificial lighting can also mimic natural light and boost your mood. 

Once the lightning is established, you can choose a colour scheme for your space. We suggest you focus on colours you like and that help you feel the way you want to when at work. Peaceful, energized, focused, inspired, or effective are good feelings to consider. 

Looking for a professional to help you create an organized, functional office space that perfectly suits your needs? 

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3. Strategize Shelving and Storage 

Every home office needs shelving and storage. How much, what shape it should be, and whether it should be right within reach depends on what you need to store and how often you need to access it. You should also consider balancing open and covered shelving to add personality to your space without making it feel too cluttered. 

If your desk drawers just aren’t enough to take care of your storage needs, speak to a contractor who can design storage solutions that suit your budget and make it easy for you to stow and find your belongings.

4. Consider Temperature and Air Quality 

When people ask what they need to set up their home office, they rarely think about their HVAC system. However, we know that being too cold, or having stuffy air, can make any working environment less productive. Therefore, you may want to consider if you need a whole home solution to your air quality issues or a dedicated solution just for your office space. Some things to consider include: 

  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers 
  • Zone cooling and heating options 
  • Local ventilation 

5. Add Those Office Extras 

Finally, consider what kind of office extras might appeal to you. Maybe you’d like a mini fridge, a special spot for your pet to lay down, or extra lighting that makes you look great during online meetings. 

Inspiring Furnishings

Unlike other rooms in the house, this is the one design area that doesn’t need someone else’s approval. As this is solely your office and since you’re the only person who has to like it, feel free to dress it up however you like it. Obsessed with all things pink and floral? Invest in inspiring floral-print wallpaper and a pink office chair. Can’t stand anything other than live-edge wood? Order a custom-made live-edge desk. The more you furnish your office to your liking, the more time you’ll want to spend in it, which means the more work you’ll accomplish.

A Place for Your Fluffy Co-worker

Your dog or cat may not be the most helpful co-worker, but that doesn’t stop them from visiting you during busy office hours. Their presence may be a tad on the distracting side, especially if they decide to use your keyboard as a blanket. Giving them their own special nook or bed may keep them content to nap close by.

Find the Contractors You Need for a Functional Home Office Today

Working from home comes with many rewards, but to take your at-home business seriously, it’s time to build an office that encourages hard work.

Sometimes, you need professional help to set up a functional home office just as you want. You can find reputable painters, decorators, remodelers, and several other contractors here at Baeumler Approved. Explore your options today.