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Who are we as contractors?

Forget what we went to school for, our experience is going to reflect to our employees and our customers what they are in for, there is no denying that our personalties will be the tiller.
Be aware, our final days as a contractor are being determined now. 
For contractors just starting out and reading this… is that one year from now or thirty?
In our case, we are cabinet maker meets ditch digger or an Electrician crossed with a badger. 
Both seem like such an unlikely grouping. When we realized that it is past experiences that brought us to this point, it makes it easier to plan how we want it to end. 
A lot of contractors don’t have formal trade education, that is not a negative providing you don’t go at it believing you know it all.
In our case, education in the trades was part of our history. We are blue collar, educated and now know how to rock a windsor knot. So all you bearded, plaid shirt, work boot wearing, black rim glasses, boyz… we are the safety first “ones” not just tongue in cheek or just job shack banter.
Seriously, there is room for everyone, though not everyone will make the cut. Being a contractor from what “we” have learned requires learning new things… education is paramount. YouTube  and reality TV, is great for inspiration but not where you should being going to pick up building knowledge. Based on your location, take a look at local vocation schools or online courses. 
There are many national suppliers who can provide you with online courses to afford you with an expertise regarding their product.
For those starting out, it is a great association. For established companies, it’s a no brainer.
Know that, doing your job the best you can will not always be enough for some customers, but will set you apart from all contractors when you are doing it better than them. That is a reality.
Repetition, repetition, repetition is to contractors, as location is to property buyers… 
Contractors, unlike doctors are not practicing. We are expected to be proficient and qualified.
Taking on every type of job will set you up for failure if you are just starting up. Pick your battles and take the opportunity to learn new things at your expense rather than risking something at your customers expense…
Know that your company is where it is in the market because that is where you took it.