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About Canadian Choice Windows and Doors – Bryan Baeumler’s Choice for Windows and Doors

Canadian Choice Windows & Doors™ is totally committed to full customer satisfaction by offering only high quality, innovative windows and doors that are superiorly manufactured. Our premium products are installed by our competent and skilled installation experts on doors and windows. Among our products you can find a huge selection of vinyl and aluminum windows as well as vinyl patio doors, insulated steel doors, entrance doors, porch enclosures and storm doors. We’re proud to offer you reasonable prices for out high quality products. The main reason why vinyl windows have become so popular in Canada is that they do not rust, corrode, peel or chip, so they can last for a lifetime.


Our wide range of doors and windows would astound any homeowner or property occupant as we have the most stylish vinyl and aluminum windows, well-insulated steel and vinyl patio doors with high energy savings feature. Any home with our choice entrance or storm doors as well as porch enclosures will look modern and elegant; all of which are competitively priced to be affordable.

Vinyl windows are the latest trend in Canada as they are durable without chipping, rusting or peeling. These windows are highly resistant to corrosion with extra strength and energy performance.


Consumers who choose our windows and doors will enjoy higher savings on heating and air conditioning. These aesthetic units are very affordable with a higher performance outcome to be the Best Buy of this era.

Consumers of Canadian Choice windows™ are honored with a lifetime warranty on their products with transferable warranty. The quality of our products underpins our confidence in their performance that we will fix or replace any Canadian Choice™ windows or doors, guaranteed.

You will be happy to know that all Canadian Choice™ windows come with Energy Advantage Low E Glass. Our choice windows also include argon gas filled system of sealed chambers for enhanced thermal efficiency. This ensures more savings on consumers’ monthly energy bill.

We guarantee that you would enjoy as much as 30% energy savings per year with Canadian Choice™ windows and doors. Chilly winters and hot summers would be a thing of the past when you have installed premium windows and doors by Canadian Choice Windows & Doors™.


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